1. Lights On Me (Radio Mix) SVET 3:00
  2. I Remember (Original Mix) [Extra Sound Recordings] Melum 4:54
  3. Just One Night (SVET Remix Radio Version) Juloboy 3:00
  4. Frozen (Original Mix) No Hopes 2:54
  5. The Deep End (Juloboy Remix Radio Version) SVET 3:16
  6. Platonic Love (Original Radio Mix) Levantine 3:35
  7. Felt So Right (Deep Dance Radio Version) SVET 3:31
  8. Melankoli (Original Radio Mix) Gappar feat. Alice Carreri 4:32
  9. Humanity (SVET & Micaele Remix Radio Version) Roy Malakian & C-Rouge Feat. Jamie Fallon Smith 3:48
  10. Through the Silence (Original Mix) [Extra Sound Recordings] Lenny M 3:26
  11. Let's Do It Right (Juloboy Remix) SVET 3:26
  12. Wasting Time (Original Mix) [Extra Sound Recordings] Swindali 3:00
  13. Red Threads (Original Radio Mix) Oscar Pino 3:56
  14. Keep On The Run (Original Mix) [Extra Sound Recordings] Peredelsky 3:35
  15. I Want You 2021 (Original Mix) Levantine 4:28
  16. So Many Times (Original Radio Mix) Savin 2:46
  17. Catching Fire (Original Mix) ELECTRIC DADA 3:22
  18. Look At Me (Original Radio Mix) DJ B (JO) 3:41
  19. Greece 2000 (Original Mix) Svet & Micaele 4:56


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