1. Just One Night (Original Radio Mix) Juloboy 2:56
  2. The Deep End (Radio Version) SVET 3:33
  3. Time Is Now (Radio Mix) Sergey Skill 3:50
  4. Somebody (Juloboy Remix Radio Version) SVET 3:14
  5. I Can't Breathe (Original Mix) Juloboy 3:01
  6. Let's Do It Right (Eldar Stuff Remix) SVET 5:05
  7. Work It (Radio Mix) [Extra Sound Recordings] Juloboy 3:41
  8. Felt So Right (Radio Version) SVET 3:25
  9. Let It Go (Radio Version) SVET & MORELLY 3:24
  10. One Last Time (Radio Version) Wux 4:00
  11. Tell Me (Radio Version) SVET & MORELLY 2:51
  12. Your Voice (Extended Mix) No Hopes 4:30
  13. The Deep End (Micaele Remix Radio Version) SVET 3:00
  14. Rockfall (Radio Version) Black Hobbit 3:27
  15. Desert Storm (Radio Version) Morelly & Darry 3:48
  16. Strange (Radio Version) SVET 3:44
  17. In My Mind (Original Mix) Alter Light 4:18
  18. Intensity (Radio Mix) Savin 3:18
  19. Humanity (Alter Light Remix) Roy Malakian & C-Rouge Feat. Jamie Fallon Smith 6:00
  20. Let's Do It Right (Anton Ishutin Remix Radio Version) SVET 4:05
  21. Close Your Eyes (Original Mix) Alexander Hristov 3:55


Extra Sound Recordings returns with «EXTRA HITS Vol.3». Featuring the biggest records from artists including: Juloboy, Svet, Micaele, Alexander Hristov,  Anton Ishutin, Alter Light, Morelly, Darry, No Hopes, Black Hobbit, Savin, Sergey Skill, C-Rouge, Roy Malakian, Jamie Fallon Smith and Wux.
To be continued!